Why is bull kelp necessary?

Why is bull kelp necessary?

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

New experimental planting approach

Help the Kelp will try replanting bull kelp in the next week or two using what we call the carboy protocol. 

GIRO donated a small plastic wine carboy to experiment with and Gabriolan Claire Dineen kindly donated several floats. We still need rope, cinder blocks, smaller floats, and several more plastic carboys.

Kelper Michele Fire-River Heart, my spouse Kathy Edwards, and I reviewed the kelp on the south end of the island on the weekend and we're pleased to report that sori (the reproductive patches) are almost ripe and ready for selective harvesting.

Here's what a blade looks like with sori intact and after it has naturally dropped off.

We hope to harvest sori this weekend and prep them prior to redeployment in other areas using the carboy technique. Sori will be placed in carboys in the following way. This drawing was done by Michele.

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